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Here's what NCAA football fans are saying about our Football Schedule Apps & Widgets:

Seriously, thank YOU. This is a great football schedule app, and it wouldn't be college football season without it. - USC Fan

BTW: I sell software to colleges and your football schedule app gets a lot of kudos! - Arkansas Fan

I just got a mac. This is so cool! Thanks! - Wisconsin Fan

Thanks again for making a great football schedule app! - LSU Fan

Awesome! Thanks!! :) LOVE the fight song link by the way; gets everyone in the house fired up. :) Great job. - Alabama Fan

Wow! Great job! Very nice. Thanks very much. - Arizona Fan

Awesome job (as always :) ) - Florida Fan

Thanks, Jerry, for the wonderful football schedule apps! - UCLA Fan

Great work on the football schedule apps!! - Notre Dame Fan

Rock on! - Texas Fan

Wow the football schedule app looks great! Very impressed. - Iowa Fan

I love the widget, you do great work and this is just another example of it. - Syracuse Fan

Oh, and I love that you flipped the bird, that's just plain awesome. - Missouri Fan

Thank you! I love the football schedule app...great idea! :) - FSU Fan

The football schedule app looks great! - Vandy Fan

Appreciate it! Good work by you. - LSU Fan

Many Thanks for the cool wallpapers! - Texas Fan

My husband, Craig, is gonna be SO fired up!! - Ole Miss Fan

Too bad my friends with PC's can't get these. : ( You are the best!!! - Florida Fan

It looks fantastic!! - Purdue Fan

Thanks! You guys rock! - Georgia Tech Fan

I love this football schedule app yall do a great job with it! - Alabama Fan

Thanks Jerry! You rock! - Texas Fan


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