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Officially NCAA Licensed Wisconsin Badgers
Football Schedule Mac Widget

Includes Official Wisconsin Badgers' football schedules for the 2017 Season or the 2017 and 2018 Seasons, including all Post Season Games plus 12 Officially NCAA Licensed Wisconsin Badgers iPhone Wallpapers (sized for any iPhone model).

To try the Wisconsin Badgers Widget for Free
The Demo Widget is fully functional except for the iPhone Wallpapers. The scores will only update for the first two games of the season. Keep the Demo Widget loaded in Dashboard and the schedule will automatically update to the folllowing year's schedule every Spring.

One Year Mac Widget
$1.25 for the 2017 Football Season

Two Year Mac Widget
$2 for the 2017 & 2018 Football Seasons

Note: After PayPal or Credit Card Purchase click on the
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If you encounter any problems please email us at jerry@2thumbzmac.com

Features include:

A large Wisconsin Badgers logo placeable anywhere in Dashboard.

Click anywhere on your team logo to reveal your team’s Football Schedule and the Widget’s Control Panel featuring:

• Your team’s football schedule including opposing team, day and date of game, opponent and the score.
• Your team’s Win-Loss Record with scores in color, wins in green and losses in red.
• Control Panel Buttons in your team’s official colors.
• Click on your Team’s Logo to be taken to your team’s Official Football website for the latest in team news.
• Click on the “Gear" Button to purchase Official NCAA Licensed merchandise from your team.
• Click on the "Tickets" Button to purchase tickets for your team's home or away games.
• Click on the “Speaker" Button to play one of your team’s Fight Songs.
• Click on the “Help" Button (?) to get a help page describing the operation of the Football Schedule Widget.
• Click on the “Logos" Button to receive your 12 Officially NCAA Licensed team iPhone Wallpapers via email.
• Click on the “Songs" Button to purchase Officially NCAA Licensed Fight Songs or albums from your school’s actual marching band from the iTunes Music Store.
• Click on the "Donate" Button to make a donation to help us with server and Internet expenses and move up your team's Widget release date
• Click on the "Done" Button to close the Team Schedule and Control Panel.

• A list of your team’s National Championships.
• Conference Championship Game.
• Bowl Games.
• College Football Playoff Semi-Final Game.
• College Football Playoff Championship Game.

Email any questions to jerry@2thumbzmac.com


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